This aeroponic urban vertical farm is located inside a restaurant in Omaha, Nebraska where they feature 61 aeroponic towers with a total target annual yield of 3600 pounds of leafy greens and herbs. This restaurant is known as ‘Gather in Omaha’ where their indoor vertical farm provides freshly harvested, sustainable crops for their chefs to use in the restaurant.

Besides the fact that they provide a true farm-to-table experience, their crops have a remarkably low carbon-footprint with zero food miles. Everything is locally harvested and used within the restaurant itself, allowing them to set the example of how restaurants can redefine the food supply chain through innovative urban farming solutions.

Harvesting crops on location also allows vegetables to have a higher nutrient density while featuring an increase in flavonoid and antioxidant levels.

Not only do they save on 95% water usage compared to conventional farming, but they don’t spray any chemical pesticides on their crops. Everything is grown naturally.

Gather in Omaha grows a variety of leafy greens and herbs including powerhouse leafy romaine, basil, mint, arugula, kale, rosemary, lettuce, and mustard greens which are then used in their dishes as well as their signature cocktails.

Tower Garden technology is the perfect food growing solution for restaurants and hotels amongst other businesses.