The Tower Farm run by Agrotonomy in Ibiza is open for visits every year from late April to mid-October (by appointment only).

Due to our international traveling schedule during winter season, we size down significantly the number of towers actively operating around mid-October.

Considering that we are farming outdoors, in October, we also rotate the crops in preparation for the colder season and start planting more brassica: cabbages, Brussel sprouts, etc., which take a longer time to grow than leafy greens.

During the winter, our Tower Farm in Ibiza only serves the needs of our team. We resume our donation programs from April through October.

From November through March, until 2025, we have renovation plans for the finca where our Tower Farm is located in Ibiza. This is why we can only accept visits from prospective customers starting late April until mid-October (by appointment only).

From November through March, we can only accommodate online tours and organize private video conferences.

At our Tower Farm in Ibiza, we donate an average of 95% of the food we grow to low-income individuals. It is also our ‘Tower Garden technology lab’ where we constantly experiment with new crops.

Our Tower Farm in Ibiza is iconic: it was the first Tower Farm ever set-up outside the USA!

Since the inception of our Tower Farm in Ibiza, we have sold and set up commercial Tower Farms in France, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kenya, Equatorial Guinea, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Tahiti, Saint Martin, Saint Barthélémy, Saint Lucia, and Antigua, among others.

Regardless of our leading success promoting Tower Garden technology around the world, our Tower Farm in Ibiza will always be the first project which ignited our passion for vertical farming and aeroponics!

To visit us in Ibiza in the future, please fill out the Contact Us form and let us know when do you plan to come.