A Tower Garden is an aeroponic tower designed for personal use. It can be used to grow up to 20 plants per tower. A Tower Garden can be configured with an extension kit to grow up to 28 plants (US model only).

There is no minimum order for the Tower Garden.

Tower Garden is available in the USA, Canada, and now finally in Europe. It is not available to other parts of the world.

A Tower Farm features a minimum of 10 to 50 towers depending on countries. The aeroponic towers used for a Tower Farm are modular in size and can be configured with 5 pots (20 plants), 7 pots (28 plants), 9 pots (36 plants), 11 pots (44 plants), and 13 pots ( 52 plants).

Although the towers used in a Tower Farm can be taller than the Tower Garden for personal use, the tower components/sections/ pots are the same. Furthermore, we use the same all-natural ionic mineral solution for a Tower Garden as we use for a Tower Farm!

In other terms, you can obtain the same results in terms of crop yield whether using a Tower Garden as you would with the towers of a Tower Farm.

A Tower Farm features a fully automated irrigation system which supplies water and nutrients on an as-needed basis to each tower.

Tower Farms are available worldwide.

Tower Garden owners will be able to become Tower Garden resellers by mid-2019.

Only selected Tower Farmers can resell Tower Farms.

The Tower Garden, as well as the 7-pot towers of a Tower Farm, can be used indoor with a LED light kit.

Tower Garden for the US and Canada ships from the from the USA.

The European Tower Garden model ships from our warehouse in Germany.

Tower Farms are being shipped from our warehouse in Memphis Tennessee in the USA.

The Tower Garden, as well as the 7-pot-towers of a Tower Farm, can be used indoor with a LED light kit.