A Tower Farm consists of a minimum of 10 commercial aeroponic towers, operating with fully automated nutrient dosing & irrigation systems.

The automated nutrient dosing & irrigation equipment can serve up to 150 towers. In other terms, someone could start a small Tower Farm featuring 10 towers only, and in a second phase of development, upgrade the size of the Tower Farm by just adding towers to the existing nutrient dosing & irrigation systems.

10× Tower Garden for domestic use cannot be considered as a Tower Farm.

Furthermore, the nutrients for a Tower Farm come in a powder form and are slightly different from those sold in a liquid form for the Tower Garden HOME & Tower Garden FLEX.

We advise you to read the following article titled: The pros and cons of a Tower Farm featuring only 10 towers.

Although small Tower Farms featuring 10, 20, 30, 50 towers can perfectly serve the needs of a family, small business, restaurant, hotel, etc., in light of our experience setting up projects around the world, we advise a minimum of 100 towers to be considered a commercial Tower Farm.