Let’s recap the various tower sizes for reference purposes

Aeroponic Towers for Regular Crops:

  • 28 plants per tower – 1.8 m (height) – 7 stackable modular sections.
  • 36 plants per tower – 2.1 m (height) – 9 stackable modular sections.
  • 44 plants per tower – 2.5 m (height) – 11 stackable modular sections.
  • 52 plants per tower – 2.9 m (height) – 13 stackable modular sections.

Aeroponic High-Density Towers for Baby Greens:

  • 100 plants per tower – 1.8 m (height) – 13 stackable modular sections.
  • 132 plants per tower – 2.1 m (height) – 17 stackable modular sections.
  • 164 plants per tower – 2.5 m (height) – 21 stackable modular sections.
  • 196 plants per tower – 2.9 m (height) – 25 stackable modular sections.


When farming outdoors, we recommend either the 7-pot, 9-pot, or 11-pot towers.

The 7-pot & 9-pot towers are perfect for growing heavy plants such as broccoli, cabbage, romanesco, cauliflower, chili peppers, eggplant (aubergine), zucchini (courgette), summer squash, cucurbits, etc.

The 11-pot is well-suited for leafy greens, aromatic herbs, beans, etc. Even standing at 2.5 m high, in stormy conditions, the towers will sway back and forth but will not fall. It is impressive to witness how resilient these commercial aeroponic towers are throughout rough weather conditions.

At Agrotonomy, in conjunction with custom-designed grow cages, outdoors, we use the 11-pot and 13-pot towers to grow vine crops such as tomatoes, squash, gourds, cucumbers, etc.

Fully climate-greenhouse:

Depending on the height of the sidewalls of the greenhouse, we advise using the 11-pot or 13-pot towers in order to maximize the crop yield per square meter.

Hybrid greenhouse:

We advise using either the 9-pot, or the 11-pot towers. However, the 13-pot tower model can be used in conjunction with a custom-built grow cage.

Indoors with LED lights:

Depending on the ceiling height and the strategy of the LED light installation, all tower sizes can be used. Like in a fully climate-controlled greenhouse, when possible, we recommend either the 11-pot or the 13-pot towers in order to optimize the space and therefore maximize the crop yield.


Everything depends on wind conditions, usually having a direct correlation with the height of the rooftop. 

We generally recommend the 7-pot towers for rooftop tower farming.

Towers are modular and can be configured to be taller or shorter, depending on the crops being grown. For example, a tower can be used as a 13-pot to grow lettuce, and later shortened to a 9-pot to grow chili peppers or eggplants!

Based on the scope of your project, we advise you to consult with your Agrotonomy representative to select the appropriate tower size for your vertical farm.