Whether thinking of buying a Tower Farm or just a Tower Garden for personal use, you can either purchase your equipment through a distributor or directly from Tower Garden ltd.

Regardless of where you buy your aeroponic system, you will end up paying the same. Like Apple Macintosh with its distributors, Tower Garden ltd. regulates its price list by making it the same for everyone. There is no discount for charities nor schools… Once again, the price to buy a Tower Farm or a Tower Garden is the same for everyone and/or regardless of whether it was bought through a distributor or directly from Tower Garden ltd.

However, when you purchase your aeroponic tower or your Tower Farm through Agrotonomy, you can count on our ongoing support from seedling and planting strategies to pest control issues.

As an Agrotonomy customer, you can always send us pictures of your crops and ask us questions directly. Our support goes way beyond the instruction manual which is delivered along with your equipment. You will fully benefit from our extensive experience farming with Tower Garden® technology whether indoor or outdoor.

Agrotonomy customers receive our e-book titled “Getting The Most out of your Aeroponic Tower” free of charge. Furthermore, you will eligible for a 50% discount on all our aeroponics’ workshops.

As the first Tower Farm ever set up in Europe, Agrotonomy is the most experienced international reseller on a worldwide scale. We are the only company offering Tower Garden multilingual customer support (although we prefer to communicate in English).

Now that Tower Farm technology is being sold worldwide and that Tower Garden for personal use is available in Europe, you can order your aeroponic system through Agrotonomy.

Agrotonomy donates 90% of its production to low-income individuals. By placing your order for a Tower Farm or a Tower Garden through us, you support our donation efforts (while paying the same amount as if you were to place your order directly from the manufacturer).

Whether located in the USA, Canada, Europe or anywhere else around the world, we thank you in advance for considering to purchase your aeroponic tower system through Agrotonomy!