Strawberry belongs to the rose family, along with apples, plums, cherries, etc. It is a non-climacteric fruit, it stops ripening after being picked.

Most fruits develop when the ovaries of the flowers swell, however, strawberries come from the receptacle that holds the ovaries. This is why they are called accessory aggregate fruit, rather than true fruit.

Growing Strawberries on Aeroponic Towers

Over 160 annual crops can be grown on aeroponic towers using our vertical farming method. These include leafy greens, aromatic herbs, vegetables, edible and ornamental flowers, and a lot more. Aside from annual plants, perennials like strawberries can also be grown on the towers.

At Agrotonomy, in our Tower Farms, we cultivate up to 44 strawberry plants on a single aeroponic tower outdoors in less than one square meter of space without soil. For the plants to grow healthy, a 100% natural ionic mineral nutrient solution is added to the water, which provides all the essential minerals and trace elements.

The Process of Growing Strawberries from Bare Roots

Bare roots are crowns that have been removed from mother strawberry plants, which are usually at least two years old. We wash the bare root strawberries using filtered water and agricultural soap to get rid of any insects, bacteria, and pathogens. After rinsing the strawberry roots, we put them in agricultural rockwool that is cut in half. We place the strawberry roots between the rockwool and slide them into a net pot. A section on the back side of the net pots is also cut to accommodate the roots and prevent them from sliding. We then assemble the aeroponic towers and place the bare roots inside the growing ports.

It takes about seven weeks until the strawberries reach full maturity and become ready for harvest from the aeroponic towers.

Learn More About Growing Aeroponic Strawberries

Check out the video featured below to see how we grow strawberries from bare roots:
We also invite you to watch the video below, which shows strawberries grown on aeroponic towers in a fully climate-controlled greenhouse set up by Beyond Organic, our partners in Kuwait: