When it comes to business plans or ROIs, our focus lies solely on metrics such as nutrient costs, water consumption, electrical usage, and projected crop yield.

However, we do not get involved with business plans or ROIs for financial consideration. Currently collaborating with over 40 countries worldwide, we recognize the diverse implications each country presents, including labor costs, retail prices for various crops, and specific insurance requirements that vary between nations.

In some regions, a particular crop may be deemed a delicacy, while in others, it might serve as livestock feed. The disparities are vast, making it impractical for us to undertake ROI calculations.

In other words, it would be impossible for us to take all these elements and get involved with ROI when we are, at the end of the day, just farmers.

This is why we limit our information to the logistics evolving around the technology rather than doing calculations for Return on Investment (ROI). Once again, the variables from one country to the next are so different that we avoid such consideration since we do not feel qualified to make such assessments for each market where we are operating.

What we can affirm is that our technology offers substantial advantages, including requiring 80% to 90% less space (depending on the crops), 95% less water than conventional agriculture, 50% less water compared to hydroponics, reduced labor needs, and an average crop yield increase of 35%. We can also say that based on scientific comparative tests, our crops rank as high as the best ever tested grown in the soil in terms of nutrient density, flavonoids, and antioxidant levels.

An additional significant benefit of our technology is its user-friendliness. Operating a Tower Farm does not demand qualified staff, unlike conventional hydroponic farms that require agronomists or horticulturists. In a Tower Farm, individuals without prior agricultural or gardening experience or anyone with the best interest at heart will become experts.

The high cost of having qualified agronomists and horticulturists on board is always reflected in the end cost of the fruits and vegetables. This is not the case with a Tower Farm, which, once again, can be operated by individuals without experience in agriculture/gardening.

Regardless of the location, when those metrics are applied, we always come ahead of the competition using other technologies, regardless of location.