A commercial Tower Farm can be operated successfully by someone who does not have any experience in gardening or farming.

To our knowledge, Tower Garden aeroponic system is the only technology which delivers professional results without needing previous experience within the agricultural sector.

Most Tower Farms owners have backgrounds as corporate professionals, pharmacists, lawyers, doctors, teachers etc. Very few Tower Farm operators have been involved with growing food prior to launching a Tower Farm. It is truly a technology available to anyone focused and committed.

Contrary to conventional commercial hydroponics and aquaponics, when starting an aeroponic Tower Farm, no expert is needed. It is the most intuitive and user-friendly agricultural method available for farming novices.

From Africa to the Middle East, and from Southeast Asia to Europe, we have supervised Tower Farm installation and trained individuals who had absolutely zero experience growing plants!! Overnight, they were able to grow fruits and vegetables and run their Tower Farms effortlessly and successfully!

As we set up Tower Farms around the world, often times in remote places, where no qualified agronomists or farming staff are available, anyone willing to learn and work on a Tower Farm can be trained in a couple days or less. This is true farming autonomy. Most other technologies require farming professionals & specialists. Not with Tower Garden technology: someone with no experience growing plants, can start and launch a Tower Farm just in a few days.

With Tower Garden technology, there is not such a thing as “having a green thumb”! Once again, anyone focused and committed to grow vibrant fruits and vegetables can learn overnight how to run a Tower Farm system.

Some of the major benefits of Tower Farm include: 95% less water needed than what is required in conventional soil-farming, 85% space saving, 35% average increase in nutrient density, can be set up indoors, outdoors, on rooftops etc. can be operated by children and elderlies etc. But from our perspective, the main advantage of an aeroponic Tower Farm is that it can be operated by any motivated individual.

When growing food in commercial hydroponic/aquaponic/geoponic conventional farms, experts (usually agronomists) and experienced individuals are required to supervise and operate the business. Such farming professionals are paid high salaries which is reflected in the price of the crops.

With a fully automated Tower Farm using Tower Garden technology, anyone can be trained overnight and become an expert within a few weeks!!

We run a charity by the name of Towers without Borders, which mission is to set up small Tower Farms for orphanages around the world. In order to give these disadvantaged children food autonomy, we can not buy a piece of land and a tractor, and tell them to go grow some food… farming the land truly requires professionals. We cannot either give them a greenhouse and a commercial-grade hydroponic or aquaponic system: hydroponics and aquaponics can be very technical and definitely require qualified individuals. However, we can go anywhere around the world, set up a Tower Farm and train inexperienced individuals overnight, and rest assured that the children from these orphanages will have nutritious foods for the years to come! Only a Tower Farm provides such unequaled advantage within the food growing industry!

In terms of user-friendliness, a fully automated Tower Farm is to the agricultural sector, what Apple is to the computer world!

A Tower Farm is the perfect option when considering investing in food security, or for anyone wishing to change career since no previous farming experience is required to do so!